Prospects are trying to turn any weaknesses, perceived or real, on their resume into a strength this time of the year, and DeShone Kizer jersey cheap made his case on Monday morning, with a few days to go until the 2017 NFL Draft (April 27 29 in Philadelphia).

One of the knocks against Kizer is that he struggled through a losing (4 8) season in 2016.

However, the former Notre Dame quarterback says that experience, coupled with the success he had in 2015 in helping lead the Fighting Irish to the Fiesta Bowl, actually gives him an edge over other QBs who haven’t gone through the kind of ups and downs they might face in the NFL.

“I think the biggest question right now is the 4 8 factor. If you’re supposed to be this elite guy and you’re gonna declare (for the draft) early, how do you go 4 8 this past season? I would say that’s probably my biggest advantage in terms of comparing me to other quarterbacks in this draft is that I do have the experience of losing,” Kizer told Good Morning Football. “If you’re gonna take a nfl jerseys from China
guy in the first round and you’re gonna call him a franchise guy, you’d have to be able to go into a situation that necessarily isn’t the best for you. To be able to experience 4 8 and also experience a 10 win season Fiesta Bowl trip, I’m able to compare the two seasons and Wholesale Jerseys China
determine the different things that go into winning the leadership things, the culture things, how do I approach my teammates.

“Comparing those two seasons where you have Will Fuller and Ronnie Stanley jersey cheap on one team, and you have KJ Stepherson, a true freshman playing receiver, on another. Being able to determine what it takes to be a winning quarterback I think is my biggest asset going into whatever situation I do go into.”

Kizer caused a stir last week, when he said he could be the greatest QB of all time, with the potential to combine Tom Brady jersey cheap jersey cheap’s intellect with Cam Newton jersey cheap jersey cheap’s body.

On Monday, he said he was simply expressing his aspirations.

“The conversation I was having was more on the potential where do you want to be, what’s your ultimate goal? We were just discussing how if I’m gonna go out there and I’m gonna model myself after people, I’d model myself after the best,” Kizer said. “I think we all understand that Brady’s preparation, his intellect, his understanding of defenses and offenses, and how he fits in the game it’s one of the best. And then Cam obviously is one of the bigger guys out there. So I was just trying to have a little bit of a discussion of where I see myself one day. If I’m gonna play this game, I want to be great. And those two guys are guys who exhibit greatness.”

Kizer slid down NFL Media draft expert Mike Mayock’s list of the draft’s top QBs in the most recent installment, going from No. 1 to No. 4.

Between the blowback he received from the Brady Newton comments last week, as well as his former head coach, Brian Kelly, questioning his NFL readiness earlier this month, it’s been a turbulent few weeks for Kizer leading up to the draft.

Asked what he thought about the media crush, he said: “I really don’t think it will be much of a distraction because, honestly, I will try not to pay too much attention to it.”

Tebow spoke for more than 30 minutes at a news conference held in the team’s indoor practice facility because the media turnout was so massive, it couldn’t be accommodated in the normal press room.

Tebow, who used the word “excited” more than 40 times, went out of his way to say he believes he and incumbent starter Mark Sanchez jersey cheap can co exist despite all the skeptics.

“I think the exciting thing is me and Mark have a great relationship,” Tebow said. “We have had cheap nfl jerseys
a great relationship for the last three years, I think. We’ve been friends. We text back and forth. We talked already, and we’re going to have a great working relationship. I think we’ll have a lot of fun together.”

The two do have a bit of shared history. Sanchez hosted Tebow on his recruiting trip to USC. Sanchez didn’t watch the big news conference because he was working out, but he also isn’t worried that Tebow could take his job.

“We’re adding another player, and we’re not replacing anybody,” Sanchez said. “I mean, he’s here to help us, and I’m confident in my abilities. I know the team feels the same way about me. They have belief in me.

For anyone who wondered why such a circus sized event for a backup quarterback, Tebow had an answer: just following orders.

“I have bosses, too, and they wanted me to stand up here and talk to you all,” he explained, “so I can blame it on them because they made me do it.”

Coach Rex Ryan, general manager Mike Tannenbaum and owner Woody Johnson missed Tebow’s news conference because they were attending the NFL Annual Meeting in Palm Beach, Fla. No teammates were there, either, although Tebow said he has spoken with several of them.

Tebow briefly spoke about his strong Christian beliefs, something that has made him more than just a football star. He said his faith is the most important thing to him, but he didn’t want that to be the focus Monday. The quarterback did think it’s funny so much has been made of “Tebowing” in the last year.

“I’m pretty sure I’m not the first athlete who has gotten on a knee and prayed, but it’s known as ‘Tebowing,’ ” he said. “I’m not sure why.”

He also touched on the Jacksonville Jaguars jersey cheap’ interest in trading for him.

“(New York) is where I want to be,” he said, adding that he preferred the Jets over the Jaguars because he already was familiar with New York’s coaches.

He and Ryan share the same agent.

“I’ve always watched him,” Cheap Jerseys
Tebow said. “I got to see Hard Knocks,’ see how he coached, and that was fun. From our conversations that we’ve had the last few days, I think he’s just excited that I’m here. I think it’s a day by day process to see what happens and how well, you know, the Wildcat is working.”

The NFL on Regent Street packed with interactive drills, giant inflatable tackling dummies, food and Cheap Jerseys from China
drink galore, full throttle cheerleaders and a generous smattering of Buffalo and Jacksonville players served as a firsthand glimpse at just how vast the sport has become overseas in recent days.

Walking the grounds with fellow Around The NFL colleague Conor Orr, we saw pro football fans of all ages: men, women, children and pets decked out in a kaleidoscope of jerseys honoring players new and old. Spiller, Peyton Manning jersey cheap jersey cheap, Fred Taylor, Fred Jackson, Zach Ertz jersey cheap, LaDainian Tomlinson jersey cheap jersey cheap, Eric Decker jersey cheap, Blake Bortles jersey cheap jersey cheap, Ryan Tannehill jersey cheap jersey cheap, Matthew Stafford jersey cheap jersey cheap, a small curly haired child in Paul Posluszny jersey cheap jersey cheap gear, Doug Martin jersey cheap, Joe Flacco jersey cheap jersey cheap, Jimmy Graham jersey cheap, Kyle Rudolph jersey cheap jersey cheap, Tedy Bruschi jersey cheap, Byron Leftwich, MJD (sorry, Ike Taylor) and LeSean McCoy jersey cheap jersey cheap.

We spoke to the Leftwich clad fan, Matt Harris, a teacher who noted that football has taken hold in the schools, saying that kids who always played soccer and rugby are “now also playing American football out on the fields,” adding: “It’s getting to that point where kids are buying into it. They know the rules, they know the game, they know the players. Over the past four years, I’ve really seen the shift.”

Harris was introduced to the Jaguars by his friend, Matt Wright, who told me he fell for Jacksonville “10 to 12 years ago” after vacationing in Florida. At the time he was more into the NBA’s Orlando Magic, but returned from the voyage with a Warren Sapp jersey cheap Bucs jersey and a Jaguars cap. Tampa had just won the Super Bowl, leaving Wright to feel that he “didn’t want to be that person” who band wagon jumped, so he picked the Jags, who he’ll watch in person on Sunday.

Along the avenue, we witnessed a millennial in blasted out skinny jeans and a form fitting Rob Gronkowski jersey cheap jersey cheap jersey, but just yards away was a Jets fan, decked in green and basking in New York’s nfl jerseys from China
4 1 start. Nigel Sharnand, 22, told me he’s been a Jets fan since 2012, when he went to the States to watch Gang Green face the Dolphins. He’s followed the NFL since attending the first International Series tilt between Miami and the Giants back in 2007.

“I started playing at uni, so you have three years at uni and the team will give you the kit and stuff,” Barber said, “. We’re all amateur and do it for the love of it.”

A run stuffing linebacker, Barber is another example of how the sport itself not just the trappings of daily fantasy football has captured Europe.

It wasn’t just on Regent Street, either. All week long, we’ve eyed examples of how the NFL is meshing into the fabric of this amazing city. As I write this, Orr and I are in the rowdy stands of a soccer match between Fulham FC and lavender clad Reading FC.

We’re drinking in this contest, just as British fans will embrace Sunday’s bout between the Jaguars and Bills. There’s room for everything. The walls are coming down, the borders dissolving. It’s a glorious time to be an NFL fan, no matter where you call home.

Leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft, each day NFL Fantasy will profile a prospect who could make a splash in fantasy next season. Today’s subject is former Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah jersey cheap jersey cheap.

According to most pundits and scouts, it’s a two horse race for the draft’s top running back between Melvin Gordon jersey cheap and Todd Gurley jersey cheap. However, floating right on the periphery of that elite tier is Ameer Abdullah jersey cheap jersey nfl jerseys from China
cheap, a smaller, immensely talented, hard working running back out of Nebraska. Abdullah usually clocks in at any where from No. 3 to No. 7 on prospect rankings, typically pushed down for very real ball security issues. I went to the tape to see just what might be in store for Abdullah in his rookie season from a fantasy perspective.

It was hard limiting Abdullah’s strengths to just four in the above section, because he is an impressive runner on tape. Abdullah might be the fastest accelerator in the draft, even if he’s not the fastest runner. He gets from 0 60 in a hurry when he’s cutting upfield or breaking into the open.

Abdullah has the hallmarks of a complete back at the NFL level, based on his vision, patience and full arsenal of moves. Watching his savvy combination of moves in the open field is a thing of beauty, as defenders get spun around and are left tackling shadows. His feet are as quick as pistons, and his balance allows him to bounce of initial Chinese Wholesale Jerseys
contact and gain countless extra yards. He also packs a pretty solid punch in his smaller frame, but won’t go down as this draft’s best power back for obvious reasons.

Ball security is a concern

I repeat, ball security is a concern

Lacks top end speed

Smaller frame than typical backs

The biggest knock on Abdullah is his well documented fumbling issue, as he had 13 fumbles over his career at Nebraska. He did improve in each year, greatly increasing his average number of touches between fumbles, but he’ll definitely need to prove to NFL coaches that he can hang onto the football if he wants to see the field.

Abdullah’s lack of top end speed is disconcerting, as he was frequently caught from behind at Nebraska. However, he is a truly explosive athlete, and with his lightning quick acceleration and other attributes he can still be a difference maker at the NFL level. The Ravens re signed Justin Forsett jersey cheap jersey cheap, but it wouldn’t hurt to bring in his eventual replacement and form a dangerous committee with Abdullah. Dallas is in need of a feature back, and while Abdullah doesn’t quite have the typical “build,” he could really make the most of the lanes that offensive line would open up in front of him.

Early fantasy draft projection

As long as Abdullah doesn’t end up in his coach’s doghouse for fumbling issues (or buried on a depth chart), he should make a splash in fantasy at some point in 2015. He has a unique and explosive combination of skills that should quickly translate to the pro game. He’s definitely worth a pick in redrafts. How high will just depend on where he lands come draft day.